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when leo plays hide and seek, he plays to win

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well? can he????

well? can he????

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Border - Nou Otoko crossover/AU

Ishikawa Ango and Suzuki Ichiro both posses a hidden ability: they can see and talk to the dead. 

While Ishikawa - a hard-working detective - uses his gift to bring criminals to justice, Suzuki - a mysterious man known for his outstanding memory - takes justice into his own hands and cold-heartedly avenges the victims.

When Suzuki is arrested for a murder investigation,  the two of them finally meet and discover they aren’t so different after all. 

But, as strange new murders continue to occur, they will have to decide which side of justice are they really on.

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trying to get your friends into your fav Kpop group like 

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[VINE] 140724 VIXX - 360Cam @ M!Countdown 10th Anniversary

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leo’s long message for cha leader

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kyungsoo - ep 1 

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When you try to choose your bias but your bias chooses you


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Oblivious Girlfriend Cha Hakyeon

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Happy Birthday Cha Hakyeon!

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idk if i should be laughing or be disappointed omfg (x)

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